Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


Want to take your outdoor entertainment to the ultimate level? Get your hands on an outdoor pizza oven! Traditional cooking, nutritional food, and adventure, all together. Check out the latest variety available. Choose the most reliable, handy, and cost-effective oven to give your culinary passion more rich flavors. 

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens Reviewed:

  1. Kevirice Outdoor Pizza Oven:

If maintaining food grade is your priority along with being practical, then Kevirice Outdoor Pizza Oven is your pick. This portable oven uses pizza stone made of cooking material that meets FDA standards. It’s easy to assemble, and lightweight makes it effortless to carry around – even on your camping trips. 

This wood pellet fueled oven easily reaches up to 200° C in 15 minutes which becomes favorable for you to cook pizzas in 60 seconds. The attached thermometer helps monitor the temperature. You can add more wood pellets, firewood, or charcoal to the firebox via the charging scoop provided. 

The detachable chimney lets out the excess smoke, and the stainless-steel body lets heat distribution be even. However, you need to turn your pizza once during the cooking time to avoid burning it at one end. The easy to clean feature makes it all the more convenient and practicable.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to clean.
  • A Stainless-steel body makes it highly durable.
  • Pocket friendly.


  • The wooden handle on the doors makes them vulnerable to easily get burnt.
  • Opening the door to flip the pizza makes the oven lose quality heat.
  • The thermometer does not have a Fahrenheit reading.
  1. U-Max Outdoor Pizza Oven:

Garden parties, BBQ gatherings, and outdoor family affairs – make them exclusive and extraordinary with U-Max outdoor pizza oven. This outdoor oven is not only handy with respect to its ergonomic height. However, it is highly portable as well, thanks to its wheels and a Thermo resistant handle.  

This enables you to handle the oven single-handedly. The two-level cooking chambers and the dome shape ensure even heat distribution and eliminate hot spots. In addition, the underneath log shelf to store firewood lets you enjoy more accessibility makes refueling effortless and time-saving.
The inserted thermometer displays both Fahrenheit and Celsius to enable you to try different recipes and control the cooking temperature. The thermal-shock-resistant pizza stone further facilitates heat circulation and the chimney open and closed to maintain temperature. And the best part is that it comes with a waterproof cover, so there is no need to drag it back inside.  


  • Portable – 2 wheels to drag anywhere.
  • Waterproof cover.
  • Log Shelf for storing extra logs.
  • Ash collection tray for easy cleaning.


  • Underneath heating can burn the pizza base easily.
  • Can only use wood logs for fire – pellets cannot be used.
  1. Change Moore Outdoor Pizza Oven:

Outdoor cooking and baking require your equipment to be portable and easy to assemble. Change Moore outdoor pizza oven comes with a durable all stainless-steel body and 4 foldable legs. 

Easy to store, easy to clean, and above all easy to carry – the ultimate features necessary for any outdoor oven. Its lightweight makes it an ideal oven for cooking and baking outdoors. It can easily fit into a car’s trunk as well. 

The ceramic fiber, thermal insulation overall cuts down fuel usage, hence, making it more economical. Furthermore, the customized heat retention stone allows heat distribution to be rapid and even, giving you the crispy crust and the chewy center on your pizza. 

The installed thermometer helps monitor the temperature as this oven can take the heat up to 1000°F. This means once you start cooking, there is no turning back. 


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Sleek design and disassembling make it easy to store.
  • 2 door design enables 2-way cooking.
  • Heats up quickly and up to high temperatures


  • The bottom of the oven is not insulated; hence it loses heat through there.
  • Using small wood pellets means that the fuel needs refilling frequently.
  1. Miniuo Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven:

As the name itself implies, the Minisuo pizza oven is exceptionally portable, weighing around 30 pounds only. 

It can be carried off to any outdoor arrangement to cook numerous pizzas and have a blast. Backyard BBQs or camping trips, everything is possible with this compact, transportable oven.

The stainless-steel body scales down the overall equipment weight and provides uniform heat circulation as well. Its compact design brings the heat up to a temperature of 500°C / 932°F in just 10 minutes.

Do mind that you must keep the chimney cap open when preheating, but the adjustable cover can control the flame intensity during cooking. 

However, you need to turn your pizza once while cooking as this classic series does not have the Automatic Rotation System. But, on the brighter side, the overall heat maintenance is appreciable, allowing you to pursue your passion for cooking, baking, grilling, and more. 


  • Lightweight makes it very easy to carry.
  • Foldable legs enable it to take up less space for storing.
  • A small and compact design lets it preheat quickly.
  • Adjustable chimney cover.


  • No information regarding maintaining or igniting the fire
  • No Thermometer attached
  1. Evieun Pizza Oven Outdoor:

Enjoying a meal outdoor is fun, but making pizzas in an outdoor oven yourself and then having them is an extraordinary experience in itself. The EVIEUN pizza oven lets you relish outdoor cooking and cherish the flavors of baked pizzas the traditional way. 

The easy installation itself marks the beginning of an adventurous event ahead. The stainless-steel body makes it sturdy, as in its durability, but at the same time, lightweight too. 

Moreover, the metallic body facilitates consistent heating inside the oven and its maintenance, giving you perfection in cooking.

Equipped with a built-in thermometer with both Fahrenheit and Celsius displays, it allows you to monitor the temperature while cooking. It even helps indicate any temperature drop, so you know when more wood pellets must be added to maintain the cooking temperature. 

The oven can reach 572°F / 300°C over 15 minutes, to enjoy instant cooking and save time. Juggle between different cuisines and fancy outdoor cooking with a variety of recipes.


  • Quick Installation
  • Stainless –steel body ensures even heat distribution.
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Compact design


  • Pizza Peel not included
  • The fuel capacity is small

If you are still wondering whether to invest in an outdoor pizza oven, we’d suggest – Yes! You should. It’s not just pizza but the different cooking styles, with mere temperature adjustments and the variety of food you can create. The versatility of cooking in ovens is remarkable, and with an outdoor one, the only limitation is your imagination.