Choosing the right Cutlery Set

Cutlery Set Cutlery Set

A full set of cutlery is not something you’re likely to buy more than a handful of times in your life, so it’s important to choose a set you’ll love. Cutlery options cover the gamut from affordable, utilitarian pieces that will do daily duty in your cutlery drawer to luxurious, handcrafted silverware likely to be treasured by generations to come.


Stainless steel is an alloy. One that is safe and strong enough to withstand daily use for something like cutlery. In flatware, it usually features standard percentages of chromium and nickel that help to give your cutlery its strength and finish. You’ll often find cutlery compositions referred to by numbers. Basically, these numbers tell you the percentages of chromium and nickel that your cutlery features. Chromium gives anti-corrosion properties and helps to keep your flatware rust-free. Nickel will help to give your flatware a beautiful shiny finish as well giving some additional rust resistance. Generally, the more of both these materials in the cutlery, the stronger and more durable those pieces will be.


Depending upon the style of cutlery that you’re after, you’ll come across a broad range of intricate shapes, patterns, and designs, each of which will offer a different perspective of the dining experience. It really is completely up to you with regards to which to go for, but it’s important to bear in mind that you’ll likely be holding these pieces several times a day for years to come. Therefore, simple is sometimes the better option.

There are many effective designs that are friendly on the wallet as well as the eye, often in full 56-piece sets. Additionally, because almost all household cutlery is made from at least 18/8 stainless steel these days, with a great deal of it a perfect 18/10, you can buy safe in the knowledge that the durability of your purchase will not be brought into question, no matter how low your budget. Cheaper cutlery is machine-polished and mid-range sets might combine machine- and hand-polishing. Top-of-the-line flatware is generally polished by hand to ensure perfection.


Depending on the size of the cutlery set, you can expect to find anything from as little as the basic starter kit comprised of a spoon, knife, and fork, right through to the bells and whistles of a 56-piece cutlery extravaganza. In the larger cutlery sets, you’ll find entree and main course knives and forks, salad spoons and forks, serving spoons, steak knives, cake servers, and many others that you may well have never even heard of – but they all have a specialist use. Often, larger sets are presented in their own box, which not only adds to their elegance but also offers a handy place to keep your cutlery to ensure it remains in top-notch condition.

The weight of your cutlery can have a direct impact on the perception of quality. This isn’t determined solely by the composition, but mainly by the amount of steel that’s used.

If the style has a thinner handle, for example, the pieces are likely to feel fairly light-mid weight whether it’s 18 10 or not. You will find excellent quality 18 0 cutlery sets that may well be heavier.