Disposable Dinnerware Buying Guide

how to choose disposable paper plates how to choose disposable paper plates

When it comes to party planning, the menu plays a key role in the party’s success. Food is always a focal point at an event and it’s something guests will talk about afterward — good or bad. Just as important as food, but rarely given a second thought, are the plates that the food is served on. The style, size, and color of the plate can make or break a dish, so it’s essential to choose the right one. To make plate purchasing easier for party and event planners, restauranteurs, and retailers, we created this handy guide to break down our selection of disposable plates.

What foods are you serving?

The first step in deciding what plates you need is to choose a menu. The types of food, number of courses, and serving sizes all play a part in choosing a plate. For example, for a cocktail hour, you probably need appetizer plates for small bites. For a sit-down formal meal, you may need a salad plate, dinner plate, and dessert plate. For a buffet, consider platters or banquet plates so guests have enough room for everything on one plate.

Type of Disposable Plates

Paper Plates Are Greener Than Plastic Plates

Despite being made out of trees, paper plates are better for the environment than plastic plates. Plastic never biodegrades, so it will stay in the environment as plastic — or microplastic — forever. Paper, on the other hand, will biodegrade. Neither option is better than using reusable dishes. Washable dishes create far less waste and pollution than paper or plastic.

Paper Dinnerware

Are space-efficiency and eco-friendly products high priorities for your business? If so, then paper dinnerware is a great choice for you! With its thinner and more flexible construction in comparison to other disposable dinnerware options, paper dinnerware stacks extremely well and can fit in cabinets, on shelves, and in other tight areas. Additionally, since many are microwave safe, it’s easy to re-heat products and serve them all on the same dish. Another great feature of our paper selection is that most items are biodegradable and compostable!.
Most important to note with paper disposable options is that you can purchase a variety of paper materials. Each type has its own set of benefits that you’ll want to consider to find the best fit to match your application needs. 

Disposable Dinnerware Buying Guide

Dixie Everyday Paper Plates,10 1/16inch Dinner Size Printed Disposable Plate, 220 Count (5 Packs of 44 Plates)

Disposable Dinnerware Buying Guide

100% Compostable 9 Inch Paper Plates [125-Pack] Heavy-Duty Plate, Natural Disposable Bagasse Plate, Eco-Friendly Made of Sugarcane Fibers

Plastic Dinnerware

Looking to supply an upscale event or searching for a disposable material with a lot of options for decorating purposes? Then plastic dinnerware is the choice for you! From casual everyday settings to special occasions, there is a variety of styles to meet your application needs. Since it is leak-proof, cut-resistant, and non-absorbent, this dinnerware is a reliable option. It also comes in a diverse array of style options, from plastic plates with bands to scalloped or wavy-edged.

Disposable Dinnerware Buying Guide

Disposable Plastic Plates – 60 Pack – 30 x 10.25″ Dinner and 30 x 7.5″ Salad Combo – Silver Trim Real China Design – Premium Heavy Duty – By Aya’s Cutlery Kingdom

Disposable Dinnerware Buying Guide

WDF 102pcs Silver Plastic Plates – White with Hammered Design Disposable Wedding Party Plastic Plates Include 51 Plastic Dinner Plates 10.25inch,51 Salad/Dessert Plates 7.5inch

Disposable Bamboo Plates

As we know bamboos are the fastest-growing plants. In comparison to other plants, its vegetation quickly renews itself in a few months from the time it has cut off and used for manual purposes. This fact itself proves how better bamboo plates are from paper plates, as thousands of trees are chopped off to make paper plates. Bamboo plates are strong and durable and can easily contain large amounts of food. 

Palm Leaf Plates

 Areca Palm Leaf Plates are very handy and easy and use in dinnerware, kitchenware, and most importantly at parties. They are 100% natural and compostable. Just like our unique fingerprints these palm leaf plates have their unique pattern and style. Palm leaf plates are beautifully textured and are handmade. The fallen palm leaves are individually collected from the Areca Palm tree. They go under hydro pressure cleaning, after that these are heat pressed by a mold and then trimmed on the edges. These products are produced in various sizes and are also available in different shapes.

Disposable Dinnerware Buying Guide

Naturally Chic Compostable Biodegradable Disposable Plates – Palm Leaf 10” Round, Deep Small Dinnerware Set – Eco Friendly Alternative Party, Wedding, Event Plates (25 Pack)

Disposable Dinnerware Buying Guide

Holiday Party Dinnerware Eco Set of 300 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware – 100 Disposable 8″ Square Palm Leaf Plates, 100 Wood Forks, 100 Wood Knives

Disposable Dinnerware Buying Guide

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