Tips for buying Spin mops, Buying Guide

Spin mop buying guide Spin mop buying guide

Spin mops are one of the most useful household products that you’ll ever purchase. Over the years, things have changed and moping is no longer a tough job. You no longer need to hurt your knees, hands and back to mop the floors. It is because modern cleaning mops have easy to adjust handle, bucket and even wringer to squeeze out extra water, without having to get your hands dirty and wet

This type of mop comes in different designs, at different price points, including various features, and using various mechanisms. People are so obsessed with rotating mops because they are effortless to use, don’t require electricity or batteries, and will leave your floors clean within minutes.

Size: When you are thinking about buying a spin mop for your own needs, you need to think about the size of the spaces that you need cleaning. For smaller, harder-to-reach areas, you may need a mop with a smaller head space. But for larger, open areas, go with a head that covers more ground.

Agitator Included: We love the buckets that include an agitator. Why? Because it helps to remove even more dirt and debris from the mop and keep your tools clean for, well, cleaning!

Spinning Mechanism: Some designs are spun and operated with a handle and others with a foot pump. There does not seem to be any extra benefit to having either as it comes down to a personal choice.

Easy to Spin

Simply hold mop loosely and step on the foot pedal to activate wringer.

Push Pedal to Wring

It’s ideal for mopping all hard floor surfaces with no bending down and no wet hands.

Splash Guard

Keep water splash and spray inside bucket when spinning.

Cleans into corners

Unique triangle mop-head designed to clean into corners.

Flexible Mop Head

Designed with 360 degree rotation so that it can easily maneuver and fit under furniture and into corners.


The power of microfiber removes and absorbs tough dirt and grime.


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O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System